Exterior Services

Our Exterior Cleaning includes:

Complete wash down with wash and shine soap that doesn’t strip wax, from bimini/hard top to waterline.

All surfaces are cleaned to remove bird droppings, deck stains, salt spray and environmental pollutants.

All fiberglass, paint, isinglass, varnish and metal are dried to prevent water spots.

Canvas covers are removed to clean upholstery and any moisture that collects underneath.

Cabinets and hatches are opened and dried to remove and run off from wash down.

Rust stains are removed from stanchion bases.

Our Exterior Detail provides the general cleaning and a more comprehensive customized service that also includes:

Compound/polish and wax

Vinyl cleaning and conditioning

Isinglass/strataglass polishing and protection

Cleaning lifelines and fenders

Dinghy detailing

Dock cords

Metal polishing

Cockpit coaming/cushions